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Portfolio project 2.0. Keeping busy…

Published by tomas on juni 23rd, 2009 - in Uncategorized

So here’s pictures from progress of the last few days. I’m busy with irl stuff as well (moving, partying, sleeping) so it’s going a bit slow at the moment…

Rendered in Unreal engine 3 with a fairly simple light set up. I discovered a few tricks regarding lighting to make it pop though. It’s super leet and haxy and A SUPER SECRET… But buy me a beer and i’ll probably tell you.

Same texture, rendered in Maya.

Started building the tunnel entrance asset…

30-40 minutes later…

10 minutes later

And the finished high poly. Going to take skew a few bricks next, rotate ’em and just make it a little more twisted. Then I’ll be taking the lowpoly mockup version and take it into into Mudbox and make it into Grut-mesh.

Portfolio project 2.0 – Brickwall in UE3

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The picture in the previous update has a bug, it uses the wrong Normalmap so it looks a bit weird so just nevermind it for now.
Here is a in engine (UE3) test of the brick texture on a few BSP surfaces.


Lit using a skylight, three directional lights and a spotlight.

Portfolioproject2.0 – Brick texture

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Continued working on the brickwall, added mortar/grut/stickyshit between the bricks.
The mesh/wall isn’t in anyway an actual asset but just a mean to display the texture. Ignore the cornersm, i know they look bad for the simple reason that I havnt made corner assets yet.

Portfolio project 2.0. First brick texture test

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so built a wall, baked it and gave it a diffuse pass as well. I need to redo a few things and add the icky goo between the brick rocks and re-render it all but I’m calling this test a success cuz it turned out pretty cool.

Here’s a picture, rendered in maya. The true up side of having custom built bricks will be for the none-basic tileing textureing but rather building destruction and custom assets such as the tunnelopening in the scene.

Portfolio project 2.0. MOAR BRICKS YO

Published by tomas on juni 17th, 2009 - in Uncategorized

Title says it all, no?
I made the low poly, uvmapped and baked all but two bricks yeasterday and today is my ”Day off” (as in, run around the apartment and clean it the fuck up)

More progress tomorrow or so, but here’s a maya render of the 6 bricks, front and back.
I noticed some shading bugs on the bricks when i rendered that wasnt there in regular viewport but I’ll wait and see if they’re there in the game engine too before i actually try to do anyhing to fix it.

Portfoliocationproject twofortification o…ticaion.

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Baked another two bricks and built a little wall using ’em. So this wall is a total of three brick meshes, rotated and what not to break it up. Here’s a render.
The big white box is as tall as a character. Another 5 bricks are on the way!

Portfolio project 2.0. Hit/shit/bake the bricks

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Finished sculpting the bricks (I think, might return to them later on) and even managed to make a lowpoly asset and bake normals and ambient occlusion on one of them today.


Portfolio project 2.0. Baking bricks

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Making a bunch of high poly bricks to be used in the Tunnel entrance asset. First sculpting pass is done, here’s the result.

Going to make a few more that are more generic than these ones and a few that are more broken later on.

Portfolio project 2.0, power station house continued

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Sculpted the mountin with my NEW AWESOME INTOUS 4 TABLET (LARGE)
it’s Awesome, here’s a pic of the mountai. Screengrab from mudbox, high poly asset.

Worked more on the power station house. Got a few more props and details to add to it but I’ll leave it for now. I still got ”plenty” of room in the texture for smaller details.

It uses a single 512×1024. Screengrab from maya viewport

Portfolioproject 2.0

Published by tomas on juni 11th, 2009 - in Uncategorized

Worked some more and replaced a bunch of mockups with actual assets, with mock-up textures. All these pictures are from Maya viewport.

render bug on the mountain ftw

Cube is for scale, its 180 cm

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