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Canyon Revisited

Published by tomas on januari 2nd, 2010 - in Uncategorized

With Make Something Unreal contest out of the way we’re looking at porting The Hauntd to Unreal Developers kit. I started a few days ago to work on TH-Canyon, THE UDK VERSION. *Drum roll*

So far I’ve experimented with Lightmass and implemented it into Canyon and had some fun while doing it. I’ve also started remaking the terrain (Mountains). Theres quite a long way to go on it to get it all polished up but the last two days have been quite productive, and I hope you can tell by the shots below. I decided to also post a small series pictures of how I modelled the rocks, even though the pictures are of an asset I ended up not using. The ”real” mountain asset (yes, singular. Just one at the moment, more to come) was made the same way with the exception of Vertex colours.

You rock my world

A simple cube, 256x256x256 with a tesselation of 64×64.

I start extruding edges and giving it shape, while trying to keep it on a 64×64 resolution

I tesselate it and define it further. I do it like this because it is alot easier to define the shape and get interesting sillutes with few polygons rather than start out with a box with 8×8 tesselation…

I use Sculpt Mesh tools in Maya to smooth stuff out. I didnt follow a reference or concept here, only trying out the workflow so it turned out kind of crap…

Unwrap the mesh using Project from Camera and then welding edges in the UVeditor. Quick and easy (mom jokes = ban)

I add colour by vertex paint.

This is the actual rockasset used in the map at the moment. It was made using the same principles as the one above, but I decided to make all sides of it jaggy and rocky looking rather than having the underside be flat or not capped. This way I can use the asset alot by just rotating it around in all manners of crazyness and get a cool randomness to the rocks going.

… And there was light.

Added a DominantDirectionalLight and tweaked the options a bit for shadows and brightness. This is using the old post process effects and I didnt like how it looked…

So I went in and tweaked the postprocessing quite alot.

I added in the rocks from earlier on the left side of the road and on the right, close to the building at the end of the road.

Moar rocks. I’m going to make another 3-4 assest and then a few more that are environment specific and only used in key locations. It’ll be sweet, will keep you posted.

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