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Published by tomas on juli 20th, 2010 - in Uncategorized

Did a bit more drawing today. Found a photo i liked and tried to recreate it. Had to be creative as the aspect ratio of the photo wasnt an A4, like the format i was drawing it. Practicing using colours. I will keep working on it and post progress whenever it gets it.

UDK scene, using stock meshes.

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I spent about 20 hours doing this small scene.
The particle effects are all using custom textures. Was alot of fun poking around Unreals particle editor!

AVP DLC, NeverDead and new desktop.

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A lot, a lot, a lot of stuff going on lately. The majority of the many things that have been going on I can not really talk about yet, but hopefully in a few weeks or months time.

A few things I can talk about however, is this:

Alien Versus Predator: Bughunt mappack.
I have been working on quite a few of these maps, doing lighting and PFX. A trailer for the maps was recently released. View it SUPER-UNEXCLUSIVELY here.

I have also been busy working on NeverDead, a really crazy project that is being published by Konami and developed at Rebellion. I have been one of two lighting artists working on this game, and you can view the trailer from E3 2010 by clicking the link below.

In other non-professional news, I am setting up my home studio again! After eight long, slow-going and frustrating months of being forced to work on a laptop, I have now invested in a fancy desktop computer andbig fatty screen, and I am going out to buy a proper desk this weekend. Expect pictures of it all once I have it all set up. I intend to start working on my own personal stuff in a more substantial way over the upcoming weeks.

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