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Its that time again…

Published by tomas on september 13th, 2010 - in Uncategorized

That time of boxes, suit cases, air planes and sleep deprivation. Its moving to a new country-time!
The last few pieces of UDK related stuff I have posted in this blog has been art tests for People Can fly, (AKA Epic games Poland). I went down there for an onsite art test and interview a few weeks ago and word finally came through: I got it.
As of the 20th of this month I will be joining the ranks of my polish peers in the making of Bulletstorm, which looks pretty fucking awesome.
My duties will mostly involve Lighting but my environment art skills will come to good use as well.

I am leaving Rebellion on the 17th (This friday) and between tending a massive hangover from Fridays going-away-party I will spend the weekend moving to Poland and hope I have enough strength to come in full strength the following Monday.

Everything is quite hectic and just as when I left for the UK I am expecting not to make many updates to this blog until I am a bit settled in to my new place.

Until then, stay cool and keep an eye out for Bulletstorm!

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