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Project Iso

Published by tomas on mars 22nd, 2015 - in Uncategorized

I thought I’d share some images from a project I worked on in my spare time a few years back. It was a solo project, and most of my time was spent just playing around with art styles and researching Kismet. I did quite a bit of scripting tests; getting controls and camera up and running and designing levels. It was all done in Unreal Engine 3.

The idea was a third-person adventure/platform game. The player, this little Astronaut, crashes on an unknown planet that serves as something of a graveyard for ancient spaceships. That bit was heavily inspired by Na’Pali from the original Unreal; ships would maulfunction when close to the planet. Down on the planet, the player needed to find whatever it was that was making equipment malfunction and undo it, while looking for parts to repair the ship.

Other inspirations were Another World and Journey. It was quite the project of passion and sheer will and I worked on it whenever I could during 1½-2 years time.

Anyway, I have not worked on this project for close to two years now and if I ever return to it will be completely redone from scratch.

So here it is, Project Isolation. Pictures are presented in a chronological order and they are just the work-in-progress pictures I took while working on it.
So starting with the oldest:

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