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Deck relit.

Published by tomas on augusti 30th, 2010 - in Uncategorized

I recently spent some time relighting parts of DM-Deck in UDK. The goal was not to have a relit Deck to run around and shoot people in but to just show off a couple of screens with fancy lighting, so I chose four specific scenes fairly early that I concentrated on. I made some new particle effects, tweaked all the lighting values I could get my hands on to come up with this and reworked the composition of the entire level. I tried to keep the contrast between colours rather than brightness levels to avoid too-dark areas in the gameplay area. As for the general setting, I went with this sewer-like setting Below are shots of the ”finished” thing, after having spent roughly… 15-20 hours on it? Im not sure, really. I have just been working eavnings and nights, not to mention that during recalcs I have done other stuff so its hard to say. I might update this post later on with some work-in-progress shots but for now, heres the final shots.

Picture, links…

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A few guys put up some videos of the most recent AVP DLC entitled ”BugHunt”. The two videos below show gameplay in two of the maps that I worked on in the pack. The first video shows a map called Crashsite where I did lighting and effects. The second video is of Tempest where I did research and development to implement the rain effects in our engine, as well as several of the rain effects used in the map.


PS. Yes, i still havnt figured out how to embed videos in wordpress. So sue me (only dont, cuz i like money)

Also spent another 30-40 mins on the speedpaint from the last post. Still not finished, but some progress atleast.

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