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Moving. Oxford. Job.

Published by tomas on oktober 16th, 2009 - in Uncategorized

Tomorrow I’m moving to Oxford because I got a job as a Lighting Artist at Rebellion. I start work this monday. Yea, it’s awesome, and if you’re not jealous theres something wrong with you. Really. You should probably go to a doctor and check it out.

I have purchased a pretty looking laptop for the occasion and all my work files are on portable hard drives but the updates on this blog might be few and far between for a while.  I’m guessing I’ll be very busy learning the new tech, getting to know everyone and generally just spewing out Awesome all over Oxford. But I won’t let this blog die and as soon as I pick up working on personal projects again I’ll post progress here.

Untill then, thanks everyone who has read and commented thus far, and I assure you there will be plenty to read and comment in the future!


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