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Picture, links…

Published by tomas on augusti 18th, 2010 - in Uncategorized

A few guys put up some videos of the most recent AVP DLC entitled ”BugHunt”. The two videos below show gameplay in two of the maps that I worked on in the pack. The first video shows a map called Crashsite where I did lighting and effects. The second video is of Tempest where I did research and development to implement the rain effects in our engine, as well as several of the rain effects used in the map.


PS. Yes, i still havnt figured out how to embed videos in wordpress. So sue me (only dont, cuz i like money)

Also spent another 30-40 mins on the speedpaint from the last post. Still not finished, but some progress atleast.


Published by tomas on juli 20th, 2010 - in Uncategorized

Did a bit more drawing today. Found a photo i liked and tried to recreate it. Had to be creative as the aspect ratio of the photo wasnt an A4, like the format i was drawing it. Practicing using colours. I will keep working on it and post progress whenever it gets it.

UDK scene, using stock meshes.

Published by tomas on juli 11th, 2010 - in Uncategorized

I spent about 20 hours doing this small scene.
The particle effects are all using custom textures. Was alot of fun poking around Unreals particle editor!

AVP DLC, NeverDead and new desktop.

Published by tomas on juli 2nd, 2010 - in Uncategorized

A lot, a lot, a lot of stuff going on lately. The majority of the many things that have been going on I can not really talk about yet, but hopefully in a few weeks or months time.

A few things I can talk about however, is this:

Alien Versus Predator: Bughunt mappack.
I have been working on quite a few of these maps, doing lighting and PFX. A trailer for the maps was recently released. View it SUPER-UNEXCLUSIVELY here.

I have also been busy working on NeverDead, a really crazy project that is being published by Konami and developed at Rebellion. I have been one of two lighting artists working on this game, and you can view the trailer from E3 2010 by clicking the link below.

In other non-professional news, I am setting up my home studio again! After eight long, slow-going and frustrating months of being forced to work on a laptop, I have now invested in a fancy desktop computer andbig fatty screen, and I am going out to buy a proper desk this weekend. Expect pictures of it all once I have it all set up. I intend to start working on my own personal stuff in a more substantial way over the upcoming weeks.

Update on things.

Published by tomas on juni 5th, 2010 - in Uncategorized

Recently a lot of stuff has been going on. Moving houses, working work, winning contests, travelling the world and the list goes on. With stuff being so hectic I have not found the time to update this blog in quite a while. I am not sorry about it because frankly, I have been having a great time. Just stating a fact. 🙂
Not sure if I have mentioned this before but The Haunted won the grand price in Make Something unreal contest a few months ago. It will go on to be a stand alone game released through various forms. Sadly, this means I can no longer work on the project as my employer prevents me from working on any commercial projects outside the studio.

On a happier note, I have begun working on my dream game. At the moment the whole game only exists in a small a5 notebook filled with text and concept of characters and environments. This project has been in preproduction for about 2 months now and I am not expecting it to go into production for some time yet. I said it was my dream game, and in so many ways that is true. This is the game I have been thinking about for about 5 years now, working out scenarios, characters, gameplay mechanics and art style. Nothing is final and the only thing I am really doing right now is transfering the ideas from my head into paper. Heres a picture I took with my Iphone from one of the concepts.

I have started drawing quite a bit again. I started out with just black and white images but I am working on some colour stuff now but they will have to wait for a later post. The reason I decided to start with black and white is to practice lighting and just getting used to drawing again.

That is it for now.

Random projects

Published by tomas on april 7th, 2010 - in Uncategorized

Spent about 6-8 hours building this scene to test a render set up. Some terrain was ripped from Dollylicous and one or two props were used from previous projects as well.

It’s not ”finished” yet (I will not texture it, but I want to add some more detail and tweak render settings) but I’m going back to UK today. I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to work on it again, so I post it now. See it in full res by clicking it.

Canyon Revisited

Published by tomas on januari 2nd, 2010 - in Uncategorized

With Make Something Unreal contest out of the way we’re looking at porting The Hauntd to Unreal Developers kit. I started a few days ago to work on TH-Canyon, THE UDK VERSION. *Drum roll*

So far I’ve experimented with Lightmass and implemented it into Canyon and had some fun while doing it. I’ve also started remaking the terrain (Mountains). Theres quite a long way to go on it to get it all polished up but the last two days have been quite productive, and I hope you can tell by the shots below. I decided to also post a small series pictures of how I modelled the rocks, even though the pictures are of an asset I ended up not using. The ”real” mountain asset (yes, singular. Just one at the moment, more to come) was made the same way with the exception of Vertex colours.

You rock my world

A simple cube, 256x256x256 with a tesselation of 64×64.

I start extruding edges and giving it shape, while trying to keep it on a 64×64 resolution

I tesselate it and define it further. I do it like this because it is alot easier to define the shape and get interesting sillutes with few polygons rather than start out with a box with 8×8 tesselation…

I use Sculpt Mesh tools in Maya to smooth stuff out. I didnt follow a reference or concept here, only trying out the workflow so it turned out kind of crap…

Unwrap the mesh using Project from Camera and then welding edges in the UVeditor. Quick and easy (mom jokes = ban)

I add colour by vertex paint.

This is the actual rockasset used in the map at the moment. It was made using the same principles as the one above, but I decided to make all sides of it jaggy and rocky looking rather than having the underside be flat or not capped. This way I can use the asset alot by just rotating it around in all manners of crazyness and get a cool randomness to the rocks going.

… And there was light.

Added a DominantDirectionalLight and tweaked the options a bit for shadows and brightness. This is using the old post process effects and I didnt like how it looked…

So I went in and tweaked the postprocessing quite alot.

I added in the rocks from earlier on the left side of the road and on the right, close to the building at the end of the road.

Moar rocks. I’m going to make another 3-4 assest and then a few more that are environment specific and only used in key locations. It’ll be sweet, will keep you posted.

Moving. Oxford. Job.

Published by tomas on oktober 16th, 2009 - in Uncategorized

Tomorrow I’m moving to Oxford because I got a job as a Lighting Artist at Rebellion. I start work this monday. Yea, it’s awesome, and if you’re not jealous theres something wrong with you. Really. You should probably go to a doctor and check it out.

I have purchased a pretty looking laptop for the occasion and all my work files are on portable hard drives but the updates on this blog might be few and far between for a while.  I’m guessing I’ll be very busy learning the new tech, getting to know everyone and generally just spewing out Awesome all over Oxford. But I won’t let this blog die and as soon as I pick up working on personal projects again I’ll post progress here.

Untill then, thanks everyone who has read and commented thus far, and I assure you there will be plenty to read and comment in the future!


Dollylicious, going at it again.

Published by tomas on september 21st, 2009 - in Uncategorized

So I picked up this project again after having it on stand by for a while.

TH-Temple. Make something unreal contest version. Making the vegetation + misc art.

Published by tomas on september 21st, 2009 - in Uncategorized

Temple was lacking alot in terms of vegetation. There was a few trees but it wasnt supported with enough smaller plants, grass and other vegetation.
Because of this I decided to make a few assets to that end.

(Below) The mesh for the grass. I need to work on it some more for later because it isnt good enough when viewed from above.

(Below) a few of the climbing vegetation assets (Klätterväxter… vafan heter det på eng?)

(Below) All the vegetation assets I made for temple. I built everything as I placed the basic ones in the editor and realized I needed different shapes and sizes.

(Below) Placing grass, tweaking material

(Below) started placing vegetation on the level. Here’s a bunch of progression pictures from different parts of the level.

(Below) On this pic you can see the moon I made, that required a bit of tweaking before it looked right. A friend of mine asked about how much is BSP and how much is meshes so I took two pictures. One with everything, and one with just BSP.

(Below) I noticed that this bridge didn’t look all that good

(Below) So I started adressing that. These are the floor units from the last post.

(Below) The moon was just the result of a night I couldn’t sleep. I got up, looked around the levels with a tired pair of eyes and I felt something was missing in the sky. It required quite a bit of tweaking and supporting assets to give it a ”shine” and to make it blend well with the rest of the sky. Next up are a bunch of pictures displaying it’s evolution.

(Below) vegetation and stone plates floor in action, using a mix of BSP with the tileing texture and mesh assets.

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